Selling Advice

While privacy from the street can be a positive quality, buyers your house will be even more desirable to buyers if the plantings, hedges or walls separating it from the outside world are neatly presented.

At TNRE we can put you in touch with qualified, licensed tradespeople who can, at minimal cost, make your house that bit more attractive.

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter

Just as the term “location, location, location” rings true for buying a property, the same can be said for de-cluttering your home prior to listing it for sale.

There are many advantages to de-cluttering your home. Not only will it provide more space, it gives you the opportunity to go through your belongings and conduct a bit of a “spring clean”. When selling a home and moving onto the next, it is always nice knowing you are not paying someone to move items you no longer need.

Experts recommend sorting all items into the following categories:

  • To keep (and use)
  • To throw away
  • To donate / sell
  • To keep and store off-site (if necessary)

Some people conduct the de-cluttering process on their own while others enlist the help of family and friends. There are even professionals who can, for a fee, assist you with the process.

Ku-ring-gai Council holds a regular kerb-side collection service for unwanted / damaged goods, however you MUST pre-book this service through the council prior to placing these items on the nature strip.

Less is Best

Although we may encourage buyers to “look beyond the décor”, it is often true that many buyers are looking for “love at first sight” and first impressions do count. Not every buyer has vision and can see past what is placed in front of them.

Often the biggest deterrents are an untidy garden or peeling / dirty paintwork outside and mess and clutter inside.

To assist in making the best first impression with prospective buyers, we highly recommend that before putting your property on the market, you undertake an assessment of what can be done to maximise the return for your property at the minimum of cost.