How to enhance your chances of best price possible


If you are thinking of selling your home, a key point to consider is what can you do to ensure it is presented at its very best, especially given the current market conditions.


Good presentation can make a significant difference to how buyers feel towards a property. Even the cosmetic aspects of a home have a bearing.


Would it be worth your while replacing the carpets, upgrading the kitchen and so on?


It is important to know that there must be a balance to this. It is easy to go too far in spending money that will not yield a  worthwhile return on the money spent.


It is for this reason that anyone thinking of selling should read our special report on home presentation. It outlines what has been found to be worth spending money on – and what is not, so it can save you from a number of easy to make, expensive mistakes.


If you would like us to send you a free copy of this report titled: “Preparing for the market: Things you can do that greatly enhance the chances of successfully selling your home” – contact us and we can email a copy, or send you a printed version.