Ten cooking safety tips every tenant should know


Most of your tenants will cook everyday, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and although today’s ovens and stovetops are safe there are still cautions to be used when cooking to prevent fire, damages or injuries. 

Wear protection and cook with care 
When cooking your favourite meals be sure to use protective hot mitts when moving pots and pans. Take care when you are cooking to not splash hot oil or boiling water.
Don’t line your oven with aluminium foil 
It is a common case where we go out to a property and their is aluminium foil lined in the oven. You may think its a good idea to catch drippings and grease, but in fact it is the complete opposite. Aluminium foil can block air flow and trap heat which can increase the risk of fire and damage to the appliance.
Never throw water on a grease fire 
Your first instinct when seeing a fire is generally to throw water on it to put out the fire. Well in some cases you would be right but if it is a grease fire that we are dealing with that is not what you should do. Pouring water can cause the oil to splash and spread the fire. If you do have a grease fire you should turn the heat off straight away, don’t try and touch the pot as you may burn yourself with hot oil. If you have an extinguisher use it on the fire to put it out. Call 000 right away if the fire is larger.
Keep loose items away
Keeping loose items away from your stove top while cooking is very important. Leaving items like tea towels near your stove top can quickly ignite if in contact with the flame. Be sure to not let clutter build up and always keep the area around your cooktop clear.
Invest in a Fire Extinguisher 
It is a good idea in any home to invest in a fire extinguisher. Keeping it nearby in your kitchen will allow you to respond to a fire straight away and prevent further damage to your kitchen.
Use the right pots and pans 
Using the right pots and pans is crucial to preventing damage to your appliances. You always want to check which pots and pans are suitable for your appliance. Never use a pot that is too small or too big for the burner.
Keep it clean
When cooking with your appliance there is a high probability that you will have splashes, spatters and boils on the cooktop and in the oven all the time. But when these spillages occur rather than ignoring the issue and leaving it there, especially if its grease, can spark a major problem. If spillages build up in your oven or cooktop without being cleaned this could increase the risk of fire in your home.
Never leave cooking unattended
Cooking takes time and can be tedious. Leaving your cooking unattended especially if you are cooking with oil can put you in the danger zone. Make sure you are monitoring your cooking and cleaning up any spillages as you go.
Use child and pet safety products
Using child and pet safety products are important to keep your family safe while cooking. If you have children or pets in your home make sure you are keeping them well away from the cooking appliances when in use.
Know when to call 000
If there’s a fire your first instinct is to freak out, but you should stay calm and call 000 as soon as there is a fire in your home, even before you try and extinguish it. If you wait to call them, the fire might get out of control and you won’t even realise you need help.