Things to spend money on – and things not to spend on!

When it comes to selling a home everyone knows that some preparation is required. This ranges from simply tidying the bathroom to making some renovations.


Presentation plays a key role in how people view your home and there is no doubt that some renovation work in an older home can play a significant role in what people are prepared to pay for it.


In achieving a good return for investment in renovation work, it is important to know what will give a return and what won’t. In other words – what prospective buyers value and what they do not.


An obvious one is the state of the bathroom.


A bathroom that has peeling paint or is showing signs of mould or is simply ‘state of the Ark’ will result in a big mark- down so renovation in this area pays dividends.


There are other aspects not worth spending money on because they simply do not weigh significantly high in people’s minds.


It is for this reason that anyone thinking of selling should read our special report on home presentation.


It outlines what has been found to be worth spending money on – and what is not, so it can save you from a number of easy to make, expensive mistakes.


If you would like us to send you a free copy of this report titled: ‘Preparing for the market: Things you can do that greatly enhance the chances of successfully selling your home’ – call us and we can email a copy, or send you a printed version.


This is not just about selling your home successfully – but achieving the best return possible!